Event Themes

KNOW 2019 features unrivaled sessions tackling the most pressing questions for identity professions – none more important than determining the Future of Trust. Within the event’s general theme, the Future of Trust, we developed 6 core themes around which to focus our content.

Trust & Safety

Trust is the fuel powering interactions in our digital economy. Consumers are differentiating companies
based on trust alone, so it’s vital that organizations prioritize the tools and strategies to make
users feel safe.

In our dedicated Trust & Safety track, learn how successful organizations across the
sharing economy, healthcare, financial services, and more are managing consumer data to effectively
gauge risk, curb fraud, and build a lasting legacy of trust with users and regulators alike.

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Fintech & Payments

Identity drives value exchange. As our connected economy grows, it’s more important than ever that digital
finance and banking are built on robust, secure digital identity data.

In our Fintech & Payments track, we’ll spotlight the modern financial services industry and explore how both legacy
players and innovative newcomers are using identity data to improve products, promote inclusion, enhance
transaction efficiency, and generate value.

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The customer data your company holds is both an asset and a liability. Whether you deal in patient data, IoT device
records, or KYC checks, you need the best tools and partners to turn regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage.

Our Regtech track brings policymakers and solution providers together for a comprehensive look at evolving
regulatory regimes and how companies can turn regulatory mandates into opportunities to better know their customers
and harness their data.

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Breaches, hacks, and leaks are more damaging than ever, and no organization is immune. How will yours respond?

In our Security track, cybersecurity, IAM, and risk experts give you the tools to build a sustainable digital
security infrastructure to safeguard your organization’s digital and physical assets, prevent cyber attacks, and
navigate incident response.

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Digital Identity

How should we prove who we are in a connected world? From enabling travelers to skip the line at airports to empowering the unbanked through mobile money services, we’re pioneering the vision for an identity ecosystem fit for the digital economy.

In our Digital Identity track, learn how professionals from public sector organizations to tech companies are solving the toughest issues around creating, owning, sharing, and protecting our digital selves.

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Innovation & Tech

Go beyond the buzz with the most thought-provoking solutions and innovative technologies enabling The Future of Trust.

In our Innovation & Tech track, hear from developers, digital architects, IoT experts and investors about forthcoming
technologies and how they can help your company drive value and combat emerging threats.

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