2019 Themes

KNOW 2019 will proudly present
all-new track themes

KNOW will be featuring unrivaled sessions that tackle the industry’s most complex challenges head-on. KNOW’s carefully curated content is a must-attend event for business leaders looking to stay updated on the latest innovations, emerging trends, and opportunities to create new business.

Trust & Safety

Trust is the fuel powering interactions in our digital economy. Consumers are differentiating companies based on trust
alone, so it’s vital that organizations prioritize the tools and strategies to make users feel safe. In our dedicated
Trust & Safety track, learn how successful organizations across the sharing economy, healthcare, financial services,
and more are managing consumer data to effectively gauge risk, curb fraud, and build a lasting legacy of trust with users
and regulators alike.

  • Trusting the Sharing Economy

    The processes, strategies, and mechanisms that facilitate trust among platforms, customers, and regulators in the growing
    sharing economy segment

  • Health Data Management

    Practical strategies for managing and securing sensitive, highly-regulated data related to user health

  • Corporate Data Stewardship

    Best practices for developing an internal culture around effective data collection, usage, storage, and protection

  • Fraud Prevention

    The tools and tactics to detect and avert synthetic identity fraud, account takeover and other identity-based threats to
    businesses and their customers


Breaches, hacks, and leaks are more damaging than ever, and no organization is immune. How will yours respond? In our Security
track, cybersecurity, IAM, and risk experts give you the tools to build a sustainable digital security infrastructure
to safeguard your organization’s digital and physical assets, prevent cyber attacks, and navigate incident response.

  • Cybersecurity

    He broad set of tools and strategies to safeguard data, devices, and physical infrastructure from security incidents, and
    respond effectively when the worst happens

  • Identity & Access Management

    The strategies and solutions to ensure that the right people have access to the right resources at the right time, including
    both physical and digital resources

  • Public Security

    Developing and deploying the technological tools to protect individuals in large venues, transportation hubs, and public
    spaces, simultaneously enabling effective law enforcement and upholding individual privacy

  • Risk Management

    Strategies and technologies to gauge the risk associated with a given user or organization effectively, and complete more
    transactions successfully

Digital Identity

How should we prove who we are in a connected world? From enabling travelers to skip the line at airports to empowering
the unbanked through mobile money services, we’re pioneering the vision for an identity ecosystem fit for the digital
economy. In our Digital Identity track, learn how professionals from government to adtech are solving the toughest issues
around creating, owning, sharing, and protecting our digital selves.

  • Self-Sovereign Identity

    Leveraging technology and policy to construct a decentralized, user-owned, portable, and persistent digital identity so individuals
    can fully control how their identity information is used

  • Personal Data Economy

    Examining who profits from the use of personal identity data, and building the tools and best practices to balance user experience,
    private sector profitability, and personal privacy

  • Mobile Identities

    Effectively using mobile devices, networks, and usage patterns to facilitate identity transactions and drive value exchange, and public spaces, simultaneously enabling effective law enforcement and upholding individual privacy

  • Social Good

    How both the public and private sectors can build identity solutions as a means to improve economic development, financial
    inclusion, public health, personal safety, and quality of life

Innovation & Technology

Go beyond the buzz with the most thought-provoking solutions and innovative technologies enabling The Future of Trust.
In our Innovation & Technology track, hear from developers, digital architects, IoT experts and investors about forthcoming
technologies and how they can help your company drive value and combat emerging threats.

  • Biometrics/Behavioral Biometrics

    Capturing unique physical and behavioral traits and using them to authenticate users and enable transactions with minimal
    friction and maximum security

  • Blockchain, AI, and Future of Tech

    Cutting through the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technologies, and bots to understand their practical
    potential in the quest for effective digital identity strategies

  • Smart Homes and Cities

    The devices, systems, and technologies that are connecting homes and urban areas to provide public services, improve daily
    life, and boost security – all while protecting user privacy

  • Investments in the Business of Identity

    Encouraging profitable investment in identity solutions, and examining how innovative solutions go from idea to market

  • Digital Marketing & CX

    How companies are attracting – and retaining – users by leveraging data and minimizing friction, all while maintaining trust
    and compliance


The customer data your company holds is both an asset and a liability. Whether you deal in patient data, IoT device records,
or KYC checks, you need the best tools and partners to turn regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage. Our Regtech
track brings policymakers and solution providers together for a comprehensive look at evolving regulatory regimes and
how companies can turn regulatory mandates into opportunities to better know their customers and harness their data.

  • Policy Creation

    The data protection, identity, and privacy laws on the books today, what’s coming next, and how organizations and policymakers
    can better understand one another


    He best identity strategies and practices to stay on the right side of Know Your Customer, Know Your Business, and Anti-Money
    Laundering regulatory frameworks, maintain user trust, and keep it cost effective

  • GDPR/ePrivacy/PSD2

    The most impactful regulations emerging in the EU, their effect on customers, and how businesses can best navigate a shifting
    regulatory landscape

  • Customer Onboarding

    How businesses can efficiently collect and create new digital identities to stay compliant, foster trust, and build
    customer lifetime value

Fintech & Payments

Identity drives value exchange. As our connected economy grows, it’s more important than ever that digital finance and banking
are built on robust, secure digital identity data. In our Fintech & Payments track, we’ll spotlight the modern financial
services industry and explore how both legacy players and innovative newcomers are using identity data to improve products,
promote inclusion, enhance transaction efficiency, and generate value.

  • Banking/Personal Finance

    The new digital tools we’re using to manage our money and our data, and how to leverage both for smarter, safer, and more
    trusted financial transactions

  • Next-Gen eCommerce and Retail

    The latest solutions and strategies to keep more customers, complete more transactions, and power the digital economy

  • Payments and Transfers

    The tools and technologies enabling the exchange of value around the world, and the identity processes that make it happen

  • Alternative Lending and Credit

    Using digital channels to assess risk, curb fraud, and maximize value in online lending, extending financial services
    to a new generation of customers


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