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Teams will be given 24 hours to hack together a solution that solves a critical identity challenge.



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Imagine a world where you can create apps, insights and personalized experiences with perfect data about a person – with privacy, security and user control

Teams will be given 24 hours to develop innovative solutions that solve a critical challenge in identity and personal data

We are inviting developers, hackers, creatives, geeks and anyone else who wants to come and build cool apps, insights and personalized experiences on the Consent Access private sharing platform.

Teams will be building apps using the Consent Access SDK available on iOS (Swift) and Android (Java) and we will have a partner (Onymos) with a hybrid platform (Fabric) that will allow JavaScript developers to create native apps using the skill-set they already have.

Join 24 hours of fun and get playful with a data set permissioned directly from a user with structured data from across their life:

  • Health and fitness
  • Finance and shopping
  • Wearables
  • Entertainment
  • Social

Unlock the full value of personal data while allowing individuals to stay in control!

Hackathon Starts on Monday, 3/26/2018 and Ends on Tuesday 3/27/2018, please check Agenda for specific times! Fill out the form below to apply…and remember, it’s FREE!

Prize money will be given to the winner within 30 days of the event.

Hackathon Judges

Tarik Kurspahić

Tarik Kurspahić

EVP Technology at
Shiva Nathan

Shiva Nathan

Founder & CEO at Onymos Inc
Christina Wilson

Christina Wilson

Middle East & Africa Regional Manager at AngelHack

  • "KNOW identity is a must attend for any investor thinking about the identity space. The combination of startups, enterprise, and government officials discussing the biggest problems can’t be found anywhere else."
    David Fields

    David Fields

    Managing Partner, PTB Ventures


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