With KNOW 2019 coming up, we’re excited to launch a new
video series with the great Bianca Lopes

She’ll be sitting down with some of our favorite KNOW speakers to chat about what they’re looking forward
to this year in Vegas, and how KNOW benefits their companies and the identity community. Stay tuned for
new episodes twice a week. Want to get in the KNOW? Use code BIANCA at registration for 20% off

Let’s talk enterprise authentication! In this episode, NuID VP of Business Development Ibrahim Pataudi gives a masterclass on the next generation of secure authentication, from Public-Private Key Infrastructure through Zero Knowledge Proofs, plus sharing his pics for Vegas shows along the way.

If you have to ask permission, is it really innovation?” In this episode of B in the Know, Bianca sits down with Greg Kidd, co-founder and CEO of Global ID, a self-sovereign identity platform who believes owning your identity is a basic human right. Brought to you from the KNOW 2019 conference floor, learn more from this insightful interviews from with one of the industry’s original identity gurus.

Want to catch up on the action from KNOW 2019 Vegas? We’re bringing you B in the KNOW from the conference floor. In this episode, Bianca sits down with Juru founder Jo Vercammen, winner of the KNOW 2018 Startup Pitch Competition. Since launching with a bang at KNOW last year, he shares what Juru’s up to now, their next ventures, and where he sees the identity space heading next.

Curious how KNOW comes together? In this episode, OWI Head of Research Kaelyn Lowmaster gives the inside scoop on how we curate the most cutting-edge identity content for the conference, and how we’re looking to build the community moving forward. Hope to see you in 2020!

Did you know that One World Identity started out as a non-profit? In this episode, OWI Founder and CEO Travis Jarae discusses his journey into the identity industry, and the evolution of the KNOW conference from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas. Travis also dives in to what is new at KNOW 2019, including master classes, a renewed focus on networking, our very first pool party, and many more!

In this episode, Bianca sits down with Jason Tan, Founder and CEO of Sift, and dives deep into the role machine learning and other innovative solutions will play in the future of identity products. Jason takes down the notion that there is a necessary trade-off between user experience and friction, and believes ML can help people “make fewer compromises and take risks where it makes sense.”

Who owns your data? What borders restrict how it’s used? What relationship do you have with the organizations that leverage your personal information? In this episode, Bianca talks with Phil Windley, Chair of the Sovrin Foundation, about these core questions for the digital age, and how self-sovereign identity might address them. Join Phil for a fireside chat to kick off the Digital Identity Track at KNOW 2019!

Is self-sovereign identity a new paradigm or a pipe dream? In this episode, Bianca talks with Heather Vescent about the education session she’ll be presenting at KNOW, and what it will take to bring more identity autonomy to users. Want to KNOW more? Visit ttp://knowconf.com and enter code BIANCA for 20% off KNOW 2019 registration.

KNOW is where innovative organizations – like Airbnb – come to keep their edge. In this episode, Airbnb’s Filip Verley chats with Bianca about why his team keeps coming back to the show, and the partners he’s hoping to find this year. He also issues a jenga challenge, so come to KNOW to take Filip on! Visit http://knowconf.com and enter code BIANCA for 20% off KNOW 2019 registration.

In our inaugural video of the series, Bianca Lopes sits down with Identity guru Dave Birch to discuss KNOW moving across the country and going big in Vegas.

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